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Molt-X is a botanically based, EPA-registered insect growth regulator containing 3% azadirachtin and provides broad spectrum management of foliar and soil-borne pests. Molt-X causes reduced growth, increased mortality, and abnormal or delayed molts of immature insects which reduces populations over time. Approved for organic use, Molt-X leaves no residue, and shows no phytotoxicity on most plants.

Features & Benefits

  • Prevents insects from maturing and reproducing
  • Reduces insect resistance by affecting metabolism
  • Decreases insect infestation in treated plants, adding a preventive aspect to control programs
  • Makes pests more susceptible to insecticides by reducing physical and physiological fitness
  • Leaves no residue on plant foliage, fruits, vegetables, or flowers
  • Compatible for tank mixing/rotation with other inputs
  • Generally safe on beneficial insects


Molt-X Packaging


Active Ingredients
3% Azadirachtin

Aphids, armyworms, beetles, budworms, cutworms, fungus gnats, leafhoppers, leafminers, leafrollers, lepidopterous larvae, loopers, sawflies, thrips, webworms, and whiteflies; and plant parasitic nematodes

Available Sizes: 1 qt and 1 gal

4-hour | 0-day

EPA Registered
Reg. No. 68539-11

Registered for Use In
USA, except AK and DC