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PERpose Plus is an odor-free broad-spectrum formulation that kills plant diseases and algae throughout all stages of crop production and plant lifecycles – before seeding and receiving transplants, and when producing and receiving cuttings for indoor horticulture and vegetable production. It’s also an ideal microbial clean-up prior to harvesting, and at the end of the season prior to overwintering nursery plants. A non-phytotoxic formulation, PERpose Plus intentionally does not contain peracetic acid which can cause injury to plant tissue and flower bracts with continued use.

PERpose Plus is a versatile tool for general sanitation too. Use it to safely clean greenhouse structures, floors, benches and tools; in foot baths and evaporative cooling pads; and to remove biofilm in irrigation lines between crops.

*Note: Please store properly. After a year, product may degrade by less than 1%.

Features & Benefits

  • Kills algae and fungi on contact
  • Higher effective concentration of hydrogen peroxide than other algaecides and fungicides
  • Non-phytotoxic formulation – does not contain peracetic acid
  • Clear and odorless, leaving no residue
  • Excellent resistance management tool

PERpose Plus

PERpose Plus Packaging


Active Ingredients
Hydrogen Peroxide

Algae; fungal and bacterial diseases

Available Sizes
5 gal, 55 gal, 275 gal

0 to 1-hour | 0-day

EPA Registered
Reg. No. 68539-15

Registered for Use In
USA except CA, PR

PERpose Plus Product Overview

PERpose Plus is a hydrogen peroxide-based product specially formulated to prevent and control plant diseases and algae on equipment and hard surfaces, and in all stages of crop production.