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BioWorks, Inc.
100 Rawson Rd., Ste. 205
Victor, NY 14564


Phone Toll Free: 800-877-9443
Outside US: 585-924-4362
Fax Toll Free: 800-903-2377
Fax Outside US: 585-924-4412


How do I get answers to my technical questions about your products?
Click here to submit a question.

Are any of your products registered for use on Bedbugs, fleas or lice?

How do I find out if your products are registered for use in my state/country?
Click here and choose your state or country. You will find a list of all available products in that state or country. You can also refer to any of the product pages and it will state: Registered for use in the USA except: LIST OF STATES

How do I become a distributor of BioWorks products?
Contact Bill Foster, for details on becoming a distributor of BioWorks.

Who is the BioWorks Technical Sales Manager in my area?
Click Here to find your local sales manager

What are your hours of operation?
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST

How do I know what the shelf life is of “X” product?
Product Shelf Life PDF

Can I get a sample?
We provide samples for our Verdanta line of products here: Verdanta Samples

What size does the product come in?
The available sizes are listed on each product page.
For Example: RootShield PLUS+ Product Page

How can I get a copy of a Label?
Product labels can be found on the individual product pages for all products.
For Example: RootShield PLUS+ WP Label

I’m looking for the SDS for “X” product, where do I find it?
SDS can be found on the individual product pages for all products.
For Example: RootShield PLUS+ WP SDS

Is your product compatible with "X" product?
Compatibility PDF's can be found on the individual product pages for all products.
For Example:RootShield Plus WP Product Compatibility

Do I need a special license to apply a BioWorks product?
Each state has different regulations, so it is best to check with your local authority or extension agent.
A listing of extensions in the USA can be found at this link:
USA County Extension Map

What is dipping?
Click Here

Can I order direct from BioWorks?
All orders will be processed through our approved distributors. We partner with a number of distributors, which can be found here.

How do I place an order?
Click here to find a distributor, then click on the distributor to be directed to their website or call the number listed under their name.

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