NemaShield is a biological control targeted to fight specific pests. The beneficial nematodes attack, disrupt, and kill harmful insect larvae in the potting media within 24-48 hours – preventing damage to plants and helping fight off disease by re-establishing a strong and vigorous root system. Plus, NemaShield is compatible with all other beneficial organisms, including RootShield® PLUS+ G and WP, making it an excellent tool in your integrated pest management program.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast, effective biological control
  • Insects stop feeding and die within 24-48 hours
  • Ensures your greenhouse crops have the most vigorous root system possible
  • Nematodes release bacteria inside the insect host that causes septicemia and death
  • Beneficial bacteria multiply rapidly inside the insect host converting tissues into food for nematodes
  • The next generation of nematodes leave the insect host to actively seek new hosts




Active Ingredients
Steinernema feltiae

Fungus gnats, soil-dwelling stages of thrips

Available Sizes
100 million and 250 million-count packets

Registered for Use In
USA except HI