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ON-Gard is an organic biological fertilizer and proprietary formulation that improves the uptake and utilization of essential elements to enhance plant growth and vigor throughout all phases of development. Derived from 100% plant-based proteins, ON-Gard delivers the highest concentrations of essential ingredients, like N, K, amino acids, and peptides, which increases yields and build higher quality plants that improve grower ROI. BY augmenting the uptake of plant nutrients, ON-Gard  improves the efficiency of traditional fertilizer programs , making it ideal for both organic and conventional crop programs.

Features & Benefits

  • ON-Gard is an organic fertilizer that is100% plant-derived, water soluble, and consistent in composition
  • ON-Gard Calcium is an organic fertilizer that is plant-derived, water soluble, and consistent in composition
  • Enhances nutrient uptake and overall absorption
  • ON-Gard provides highest concentration of Nitrogen available
  • ON-Gard Calcium dramatically increases uptake efficiency of calcium by plants, reducing crop loss associated with calcium deficiency by improving plant cell strength
  • Increases root growth and lateral development
  • Improves stress tolerance to abiotic influences
  • Improves yield and quality of fruits and vegetables
  • Improves ornamentals with faster rooting, better foliage color and more vivid blooms
  • Compatible with most fertilizers, chemicals, and biological products
  • Allows for reduction in application rates of fungicides and pesticides


ON-Gard Packaging


Nutrient Complement
Proprietary formulation of biological plant nutrients derived from 100% soy protein hydrolysates

Available Sizes
9.46 L and 113.56 L

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