Above and Beyond

It’s not just a job, it’s your life. When you work in horticulture and agriculture, running a business is personal. The health and beauty of the things you grow are tied directly to the well-being of your bottom line and the lives of the people you work with. That’s how growers feel and it’s how we feel, too. So there’s very little we won’t do to ensure the success of the people whose work uniform includes a green thumb. Very few lengths we won’t go.

Some of those lengths make for great stories, and over the years we’ve amassed quite a few. Stories of long afternoons in blazing heat, late night drives to remote farms, and reassuring phone calls in the wee hours. Stories of people who care. And every word of them true. We’ve collected a few of these stories and placed them on this page. When you have a few unoccupied minutes between irrigating and cultivating, we invite you to browse through them. And we hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us. Because they’re the foundation of our motto: Above and beyond is where we begin.