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SuffOil-X is an insecticide, miticide, and fungicide that suffocates pests in all life stages with a unique concentration of pre-emulsified and highly refined oil. SuffOil-X’s formulation delivers lower petroleum oil content and a droplet size that’s 93% smaller than other agricultural spray oils. This allows a high level of protection using a thinner coating – resulting in faster dry times, less blockage of stomata and plant respiration, and less magnification of sunlight. Plus, the emulsifiers help SuffOil-X dilute faster and more thoroughly in water than traditional spray oils. All of which dramatically reduce the chances of plant burn.

Features & Benefits

  • Suffocates pests in all life stages
  • Equivalent efficacy to products with higher petroleum levels
  • Pre-emulsified to achieve optimal and uniform coverage
  • Minimizes chance of plant burn
  • Excellent for use with beneficial insects
  • Compatible with other insecticides, fungicides, and pesticides labeled for use with oils
  • Odorless and non-toxic residue
  • Easily diluted; will not separate in spray tank
  • Stable emulsion lasts longer, ensuring consistent application from beginning to end


SuffOil-X Packaging


Active Ingredients
Highly refined Mineral Oil

Insects, mites and powdery mildew

Available Sizes
2.5 gal and 30 gal

4-hour |  0-day

EPA Registered
Reg. No. 48813-1-68539

Registered for Use In

SuffOil-X Product Overview

SuffOil-X is an Insecticide, Miticide and Fungicide that suffocates pests. It is a unique concentrate of pre-emulsified, highly refined, high paraffinic, low aromatic oil. Approved for organic production, it is the ideal choice for effective insect, mite and disease control in a broad range of greenhouse, nursery and vegetable crops