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At BioWorks®, we want your crops, your business, and your people to thrive. Our biological control and nutritional products help accomplish this by eradicating harmful diseases and pests that threaten your crops, while reducing reliance on harmful chemicals and sprays. We go above and beyond to protect your crops, strengthen them, and improve their yield.

RootShield Featured Product


RootShield inhibits attacking pathogens and prevents them from becoming established. While successfully warding off disease, plant roots also grow stronger and healthier over the lifecycle of the crop, while helping you maintain a more sustainable growing operation.

Lettuce Growing in Greenhouse

Indoor Vegetables

At BioWorks, we want to see your greenhouse full of the highest quality produce you can grow. Our biological products are created to give you healthier, more nutritious produce with more fruit per cluster, higher yield, and less nitrogen in your greenhouse. And everything we make is environmentally friendly, so it’s not just good for what you grow – it’s good for where you grow it.

Root Rot

When your plants can’t absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil properly, it’s a problem. When your plants are thirsty, suffering from drought, stress, and mineral deficiencies, you’ll see stunting, wilting, and discoloration, followed by foliage and shoots dying back.


Full Circle Home

Full Circle Home

Full Circle Home is a not-for-profit organization that connects deployed service members with their loved ones across the country and on bases around the world. And it’s an organization BioWorks feels an especially strong connection with, given our…[READ MRE]


Protect your crops and cultivate stronger roots, while saving with our RootShield Rebate/Early Order Program.

Grower in Greenhouse


Visit with BioWorks representatives at any one of the upcoming distributor expositions and learn more about how to take your integrated plant health management programs to the next level.

Biobest Announces Letter of Intent to Acquire BioWorks

Acquisition Expands Biopesticide Product Portfolio and Manufacturing Capability in North America.