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Looking for more than just a job? Looking to expand your horizons, and work in an exciting industry with passionate people? Check out our latest openings below.

At BioWorks, we celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion. We are truly a team, who believes that the more unique our perspectives, talents, and ideas are, the more innovative and creative we will be in how we can better serve each other and our customers.

What Our Team Members Are Saying

ErfanGreat people and work culture. I don’t feel like I’m just working for a profit-making corporate wheel; BioWorks is about fostering growth and development of people and doing the right thing.

– Erfan


SajimaI love the company culture and enjoy working with everyone here. BioWorks family shares the same vision and is dedicated to achieving the mission together. I admire the company’s work ethic and collaborative spirit. The company’s values align with my own and that is what I like most about working at BioWorks.

– Sajima


IselaI’m more confident and secure when expressing my ideas or thoughts. I will say that BioWorks has motivated me to become a better version of myself.

– Isela


Current Openings

Why Work for BioWorks

We believe in elevating humanity by doing business the right way. At BioWorks we are committed to creating and maintaining a workplace in which all team members have an opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the business and are valued for their skills, experience, and unique perspectives. This commitment is embodied in the way we do business at BioWorks and is an important principle of sound business management. If this is something that you value as well, please explore our current openings.


We offer a comprehensive benefits package that is competitive in our market. We offer all of our team members a company contribution towards medical, dental, and vision at every level of coverage. We have a 401K with company match, company-paid life insurance, and profit sharing. We offer 5 days of paid NYS sick time and a forward-thinking approach to planned time off where we encourage every team member to take at least 4 weeks of paid time off annually.

  • Open book management
  • Comprehensive and personalized coaching and professional development plan for every team member
  • Internal coaching program where every team member participates
  • Leadership development and 360 coaching

Competitive Pay

We are committed to offering consistent and competitive salaries to our team members. We do this by assessing internal equity and utilizing external benchmarking. Our commitment is that no team member will receive less than 110% of the minimum wage rate which is currently at $16.50.

Our Commitment To Team Members

At BioWorks, we seek honest employee feedback because we see it as essential to our commitment to growth, service, and environmental responsibility. We believe in providing opportunities for our team members to grow both personally and professionally, recognizing that individual growth positively impacts our relationships and outcomes inside and outside of work. When we develop ourselves, we can contribute more fully to the broader community and our planet.

Employee Net Promotor Score

Employee net promoter score can range from -100 to 100. NPS scores between 10 and 30 are considered ‘good,’ while those between 50 and 70 are considered excellent. Our current employee Net Promoter Score is: 73

This score is based on the question asked to every team member during their yearly interview “How likely is it that you would recommend BioWorks to others as a great place to work?”

BioWorks Core Purpose

Grow Our Team

At BioWorks, we believe providing opportunities for our team members to grow personally and professionally is one of the most meaningful contributions we can make. We recognize that when we are growing, we positively impact everyone arounds us – our family, friends, communities, team mates, and customers – in immeasurable ways.

Grow Our Team reminds us of our commitment to be here for the next 100 years. Investing in our team to reach our fullest potential as people, and in each of our roles, will allow us to be prepared for the future of BioWorks.

This means every team member is supported to GROW, both in an out of work, because how you grow matters!

This means every team member is supported to achieve their full potential both in and out of work.

Serve Others

BioWorks understands that business is human and that our impact on the world goes beyond our products. We are rooted in self-awareness and empathy, virtues that we seek to wield in ways that elevate humanity.

Serve Others is a call to action for every team member to do just that. It’s a reminder to reflect on where you have abundance that you can share, it’s an opportunity to recognize the unique community around us beyond work or home, and it’s a chance to use our abundance to nurture a community of wildly human people going through everything life throws at us.

Serve Others is the heart of BioWorks, it calls us to one another.

Save Our Earth

We believe that at the center of this business is a desire and drive to do what we can and play our part in making the earth a little better.

We have the privilege of working to save our earth through the products we offer, the advice and partnership we have with our growers, and through the initiatives of our Save Our Earth team.

Save Our Earth is our call to action to enable team members to promote and execute projects, initiatives, events, and education opportunities that help our team and community do what we can to Save Our Earth.

Let’s all be a little greener in our own day-to-day lives.

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