BotryStop® WP Rate Calculator

BotryStop Rate Calculator
Application Type
Based on Dramm adjustments, low (20%) rate is used for plugs and other propagation or small plants. High (35%) rate is used for normal finished or dense crops.
For injection, use volume of stock/concentrated solution.
For injection, use volume of stock/concentrated solution.

Final Product Needed

Complete the fields above to calculate the low and high label rates according to the BotryStop® WP label. Units of measure can be altered both in the calculator and for final volume of product - please pay special attention to the final units used to apply the proper amount of product.

Total BotryStop® WP

Minimum amount of of water for low application rate for area being treated.
Minimum amount of water for high application rate for area being treated.

Fogging Instructions

Water Volume

  • Auto-Fog: Minimum 4 liters for 2 lbs of BotryStop.
  • Coldfogger: Minimum 10 liters for 2 lbs of BotryStop.
  • More solution may be used. Solution includes carrier and water. The Dramm owner's manual states that you should never use less than 2 liters of water in their foggers no matter how small an area is being fogged to ensure optimum performance of their machines. We do not recommend going below the amounts stated above. Please refer to Dramm User's Manuals for complete equipment operating instructions.

When using ultra low volume applicators (foggers), observe the following:

  • Use only in true cold fogging equipment. Do not use BotryStop through any type of thermal fogger.
  • Low volume sprayers have a high degree of efficiency in coverage of leaf and stem surfaces. Thoroughly cover the plant surfaces but note that spray deposition may not be visible after application.
  • When using a low volume sprayer, first determine the proper application volume by spraying the material in a small area. Test the application on a few plants to assure proper coverage.
  • Follow equipment manufacturer instructions carefully.
  • Properly calibrate the equipment regularly.
  • Ensure that nozzles are clean and not worn so that correct droplet size is applied. Smaller droplets are more desirable in a fogging situation.
  • Ensure that all the material is well mixed so application will be uniform throughout.
  • Use the maximum amount of water that a given machine allows to help ensure material is completely mixed.
  • Consider using a carrier solution appropriate to the type of fogger equipment. This will improve atomization and cause fewer large droplets to fall out in front of the fogger thus providing more uniform coverage. For Dramm AutoFOG™ equipment, the NutriFog™ carrier is compatible with BotryStop. Consult the Compatibility listing for BotryStop for other compatible materials.
  • With most LVM equipment, keep nozzle output from directly contacting the plants. Nozzles should not be aimed directly at crop. • Unlike hydraulic or low volume mist spraying, there should be no visible evidence (leaf wetness) of the application on the plant foliage.

Some additional comments:

  • Mixing Guidelines:
    • It is essential to thoroughly pre-mix BotryStop with water in a separate container to ensure full suspension of BotryStop. Pour into partially filled tank with agitator running.
    • Add carrier if desired/required.
    • Fill tank with remaining water.
  • Please refer to Dramm User's Manuals for complete equipment operating instructions.

The label is the law. This tool is intended to be supplementary to the label and help with it's interpretation - please refer back to the label to ensure correct application rates and application methods.

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