Victor, New York (January 8, 2019) – Ronald Valentin has been named Director of Technical Business at BioWorks, home to the RootShield®, BotaniGard®, BotryStop™, CEASE®, Molt-X®, MilStop®, NemaShield®, PreFence™ and SuffOil-X® brands of biopesticides and Verdanta® and ON-Gard® brands of biofertilizers. In his new position, Mr. Valentin will be increasing BioWorks ability to deliver personalized programs and support to our customers in North America.

Mr. Valentin has over 20 years of sales and support experience in biological control, working closely with growers to set up sustainable and effective pest management programs. He previously held positions at Bioline AgroSciences, Biobest, Foliera and Koppert. With experience training and managing technical support teams in Europe, Canada and the United States, Mr. Valentin has become a recognized knowledge leader among growers and a sought after writer and speaker.

“Ronald is an exciting addition to the BioWorks team.” said Bill Foster, CEO. “His experience and customer focus will make significant contributions to our ability to serve customers.”

Mr. Valentin may be reached at (289) 213-6787, or by email at