Victor, New York, USA (December 6, 2021) – BioWorks®, Inc. (BioWorks) has been granted a label expansion on MilStop® Foliar Fungicide and the product is now approved for use in Canada for the suppression of Botrytis grey mold in grapes. As a broad-spectrum foliar fungicide, MilStop is also registered for control or suppression of powdery mildew in several outdoor and greenhouse fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops.

For use in both conventional and organic production, MilStop’s potassium bicarbonate active ingredient is pre-formulated with surfactants to enhance performance and greatly reduces cost, time and any complexity associated with mixing. MilStop kills both Botrytis and powdery mildew on-contact and as it brings alternate modes of action into a spray program, is a highly effective tool in resistance management.

“This label expansion provides grape growers a solution to one of the most destructive diseases known to the crop. As we expand our solutions even further, we will continue to work with growers to make sure we’re on the right path,” said BioWorks’ Biological Program Manager for Disease, Michael Brownbridge.

The MilStop Solution

  • Kills powdery mildew and Botrytis on-contact
  • Convenient, built-in surfactant for faster loading and mixing
  • Effective resistance management tool

Always read and follow label directions.

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