Victor, New York (June 25, 2019) – Julie Graesch has been named Biological Program Manager – Insect Management at BioWorks, home to the RootShield®, BotaniGard®, BotryStop™, CEASE®, Molt-X®, MilStop®, NemaShield®, PreFence™ and SuffOil-X® brands of biopesticides and Verdanta® and ON-Gard® brands of biofertilizers. In her new position, Ms. Graesch will be responsible for accelerating the adoption and commercial sales of current and new insect management products.

Ms. Graesch has 13 years of experience as a biological scientist and entomologist practiced in laboratory, greenhouse and field research as well as biological technical service support for the integrated pest managements industry. She previously held positions at BASF, Becker Underwood, and Iowa State University. Her responsibilities ranged from field development to agriculture and horticulture research projects in support of new and existing product development.

“Julie is a welcome addition to the BioWorks team.” said Peter Eppeira, Director of Technical Services. “Her experience with biological control agents and new product development will contribute to our ability to provide more personalized programs and solutions to our customers.”

Ms. Graesch may be reached at (515) 370-2299, or by email at