Molt-X interferes with the key molting hormone, ecdysone, preventing insects from progressing from one life stage to the next. As an insect growth regulator, Molt-X causes insects to fail to mature and reproduce, eliminating populations over time, or keeping them at acceptable levels. In addition, Molt-X:

  • Acts as an anti-feedant; insects will feed less or not at all on treated plant tissue. Foliage is not damaged, and insects ultimately starve to death
  • Shows repellent action towards some adult species (highly dose-dependent)
  • Reduces insect resistance by interference with insect enzyme metabolism
  • Enhances susceptibility of pests to insecticides by reducing physical and physiological fitness
  • Is anti-ovipository and repellent; the likelihood of insect infestation is decreased in treated plants
  • This also adds a preventive aspect to your control program
  • These multiple modes of action make it a highly effective tool for resistance management