BotryStop WP

BotryStop WP Trials Show Greater Efficacy and Improved Crop Yield

Victor, NY, June 28, 2023 – BioWorks today launched BotryStop WP in California and is now registered in all 50 states. BotryStop WP is a newly formulated biological fungicide that delivers superior prevention and control of Botrytis when trialed against other biological and chemical control options. BotryStop WP delivers up to 40% greater efficacy and even more in certain trials (obtain a white paper, complete technical detail, and third-party trial results by visiting: when compared with competitive products on a diverse set of crops infected with the disease. For indoor and outdoor use, BotryStop WP in California is registered for use on grapes, strawberries, stone fruits, berries and small fruits, and almonds. The previous formulation of BotryStop will be discontinued 6/28/2023.

BotryStop WP’s active ingredient, Ulocladium oudemansii (U3 Strain), has a unique mode of action (MOA) that prevents and controls Botrytis cinereaSclerotinia sclerotiorum, Monilinia spp., Xanthomonas and other foliar pathogens. BotryStop WP outcompetes the pathogens for nutrients released by senescing plant tissue and occupies the same ecological niche that pathogens like Botrytis colonize. Without causing any damage to living, healthy tissue BotryStop WP supports healthier crops. This also makes BotryStop WP an excellent disease-prevention tool that can be used alone or in a spray rotation for resistance management.

BotryStop WP Product Details

  • Approved for organic and conventional IPM programs
  • 4-hour REI, 0-day PHI
  • Wettable powder (WP) formulation is stable at room temperature for 12 months – no refrigeration required
  • Compatible with many chemical and biological control options

“New BotryStop WP data continue to demonstrate improved efficacy for the treatment of Botrytis,” said Biological Program Manager for Disease at BioWorks, Michael Brownbridge Ph.D. “This reformulation provides an easy-to-use, superior resistance management solution for one of the most destructive diseases growers face.”

Trial Results

The attached white paper details extensive third-party, independent trial results of BotryStop WP (or visit A few of the data points summarized:

    • Trials carried out on “Meeker” raspberry, Lynden WA; AgroSci Agriculture Consulting.
      • Botrytis-related raspberry fruit rot was 50% lower in BotryStop WP-treated plants than in those treated with Captan 50WP
      • BotryStop WP delivered 8% more marketable yield than Captan 50WP
    • Trial conducted on “Berkeley” blueberry bushes, Burlington WA; AgroSci Agriculture Consulting.
      • Botrytis-related fruit rot was 27% lower in blueberries harvested from BotryStop WP-treated bushes than from those treated with Captan 50WP
      • BotryStop WP delivered 2% more marketable yield than Captan 50WP.

Product Availability and Geography – June 28, 2023

BotryStop WP is now registered by the EPA and all 50 states. Filing with PMRA in Canada is pending.

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