RootShield Plus GVictor, New York (November 10, 2020) – BioWorks is proud to announce the launch of its RootShield PLUS+ Granules biological fungicide into Canada. The PLUS+ formulation contains an additional active ingredient: Trichoderma virens strain G-41. This active broadens the disease spectrum to include Phytophthora and better control of hot season Pythium – in addition to RootShield’s excellent prevention of Fusarium and Rhizoctonia.

RootShield PLUS+ G is available in 4.53 kg, 18 kg, 227 kg and 453 kg size, has no REI restrictions and a 0-day PHI. With multiple modes of action, compatibility with most chemical and biological inputs, and its ability to deliver healthy root systems – RootShield PLUS+ G is an ideal component of your IPM program.

“The BioWorks team is excited to offer RootShield PLUS+ Granules into Canada.” said Ted McDonald, Director of Sales. “We are committed to not only providing safe, proven and effective products to our customers, but the programs, support and advice to ensure they work in each and every operation.”