Victor, New York (March 3, 2020) – BioWorks is proud to announce the launch of PERpose Plus, a broad-spectrum algaecide and fungicide for the prevention, suppression and control of fungus and algae on equipment and hard surfaces, in all stages of crop production, and for post-harvest and storage applications.

This unique formulation has a proprietary blend of stabilizers and buffers to counteract phytotoxicity. The primary mode of action is oxidation of the outer cell membrane of vegetative endospores, spore cells, fungi and algae. PERpose Plus is clear and odorless, leaves no lasting residue and does not contain peracetic or acetic acid, which can cause injury to plant tissue and flower bracts with continued use.

“The BioWorks team is excited to offer another safe, proven and effective product to our growing portfolio,” said Ted McDonald, Director of Sales, Biological Products. “PERpose Plus allows us to offer more solutions-based programs to our customers.”

Available in the US.