Victor, New York (July 9, 2019) – BioWorks – home to the RootShield®, BotaniGard®, BotryStop™, CEASE®, Molt-X®, MilStop®, NemaShield®, PreFence™ and SuffOil-X® brands of biopesticides and Verdanta® and ON-Gard® brands of biofertilizers – today launched a new, easier to use formulation of its RootShield PLUS WP biological fungicide. The new formulation mixes more readily and our customers will notice little to no dust. The new formulation has the same efficacy as the previous formulation BioWorks has been producing since 2012.

Customers will also notice two other changes: a greener color and a lower bulk density. The difference in color from the prior formulation is due to a change in the inert ingredients, which reveals the green color of our strain. The bulk density is slightly lower than the prior formulation, so the product should be weighed before use, as described on the label. All mix and application rates are the same.

“The BioWorks team is excited to offer a new formulation of one of our most successful products.” said Bill Foster, CEO. “We are committed to listening to our customers and turning those insights into relevant product and service improvements and innovations.”