BioWorks Product Compatibility

BioWorks conducts many trials every year to test tank mix compatibility of BioWorks products with other commercially available products (referred to as “Second Product” in the table below).

  • We test for physical compatibility in tank mixes at normal tank mix dilutions, not in concentrated stock tank dilutions, such as 1:100 for use through an injector. Physical compatibility can be impacted by your water quality, tank residues, or the addition of other materials in the spray tank.
  • We evaluate the impact of the second product on biological viability/efficacy of the BioWorks product. However, we do not test for impact on the second product.
  • Tests were not carried out for plant phytotoxicity.

Read and follow label directions for all tank mix materials. Maintain constant agitation in your spray tank if recommended. Make applications of tank mix solutions as soon as possible after mixing.