RootShield® Brand Biological Fungicide

Program period is currently closed but be on the look out for future offerings!

RootShield Family of Products

BioWorks® Qualifying Products

  • RootShield WP, RootShield PLUS+ WP brands
  • RootShield G, RootShield PLUS+ G brands

End-User Purchase Rebate Offer

RootShield WP, RootShield PLUS+ WP

  • Each 1 lb box/bag = $5.00 rebate
  • Each 3 lb box/bag = $15.00 rebate
  • Each 30 lb box/bag = $150.00 rebate

RootShield G, RootShield PLUS+ G

  • Each 10 lb bag = $5.00 rebate
  • Each 40 lb bag = $20.00 rebate
  • Each 500 lb tote bag = $250 rebate
  • Each 1000 lb tote bag = $500 rebate
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About RootShield

Thoughtful growers like you have learned that the RootShield brand of biological fungicides is a proven first line of defense against the ravages of soil-borne diseases like Fusarium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Pythium. Guided by the practical knowledge of the Biological Solutions Advisors and Program Managers from BioWorks, you’ll quickly get the answers you need to keep your production moving.

RootShield Benefits

  • Cost savings on RootShield® and RootShield PLUS+ brands biological fungicide
  • Strong, early protection of young plants against the ravages of root-infecting diseases
  • Improve plant health, market quality and sell through of your crops
  • OMRI® Listed for Organic Use

The expert experience and practical knowledge of the BioWorks team will guide you in the most effective way to protect your ornamental fall crop investments. You’ll find answers here to the most often-asked questions about how to successfully use RootShield and RootShield PLUS+.

Let us show you how you and your plants can thrive in the application of biologicals that are driving the future of professional horticulture. How you grow matters to us because it is a foundation for the value of your brand.

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