Verdanta® Eco-Vita®

General purpose organic fertilizer suitable for many crops. The organic nutrient sources in EcoVita provide slow, but continuous release of nutrition to ornamental or vegetable crops.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal as a base nutrition for organic or conventional crops
  • Microgranule formulation, (80% between 1 and 2 mm), means uniformity when incorporated at low rates
  • Homogenous particles mean each microgranule contains the same nutrients
  • Nutrient release begins within 3 days and can last 3 months in cool soils (60 °F)
  • Use in a program with ON-Gard to maximize nutrient efficiency
  •  Compatible with most fertilizers, chemicals and biological products

Verdanta Eco-Vita



Nutrient Complement

Available Sizes
40 lb bags, packed 60 bags/pallet (2400 lb/pallet)

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