BioWorks has been deemed an essential business in New York state, allowing us to continue manufacturing and supporting our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the last few weeks we have been hearing a lot about how our customers and the market in general has been managing through the COVID-19 pandemic – and wanted to share some of these things with you.


Alternate crops:

  • We have been hearing from a few growers who are taking up some space to put in vegetables and herbs for sale to retailers. There are indications that opportunities will open up for growers of food crops. See this article from Todd Phillips of P.L. Light Systems: Click Here

Alternate markets:

Curb-side pickup and delivery strategies are options many business have adopted from restaurants and local merchants to the green industry. Here are a few examples:

  • Chef’s Garden pivots to home delivery model: Click Here
  • Other businesses doing call-in orders and curbside pickups: Click Here


BioWorks practices open-book management, provides financial training to all our team members, and our entire team is involved in understanding how our business operates and generates cash – concepts from The Great Game of Business:  Click Here

Here are some resources we have found helpful in managing finances during these uncertain times:

  • Survival Toolkit for Businesses in Crisis:  Click Here
  • How To Find Money and Keep Your Business Going During COVID-19:  Click Here
  • Van Bell Nursery and the Great Game of Business:  Click Here
  • Garden center retail survival strategy series:  Click Here


While we are considered an essential business, a large percentage of our team members are still working remotely, many for the first time. We found this article helpful for those team members experiencing remote work for the first time:

  • Working remotely during COVID-19: Your mental health and well-being:  Click Here

COVID-19 Resources

We have been paying close attention to news and updates on COVID-19 from multiple local, state and national sources. Here are sources we found helpful from the green industry:

We also found this IT resource helpful:  Click Here

Thank you for being part of the BioWorks community. If there is more information you would like from us, please let us know.

Our customer service, technical services and support teams are working remotely and remain available to answer your questions, and while our sales team is limited by some travel restrictions, they are available by phone, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. and we are here to support and advise you in any way we can.