BotryStop Bag



Active Ingredient: Ulocladium oudemansii strain U3

Labeled for use in organic production, BOTRYSTOP is a biological fungicide developed specifically for the control of Botrytis.

Registered for use in: USA except AK and HI
Available Sizes: 6 lb and 12 lb

REI: 4-hour
PHI: 0-day

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Benefits & Features

  • Water-dispersible granular formulation
  • Active ingredient unique to North America
  • Excellent tool for resistance management
  • Exempt from residue tolerance
  • Non-invasive and causes no damage to live plants
  • Tank-mix compatible with many chemical inputs
  • Protects susceptible blossoms, fruit and plant tissues
  • Prevents foliar, blossom and fruit diseases caused by species of Botrytis (gray mold, leaf and blossom blight, fruit rot), Monilinia (brown rot, blossom blight, mummy berry), and Sclerotinia (stem rot, leaf drop)

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