Insect Control
Mycoinsecticide – Liquid Emulsifiable Suspension and Wettable Powder

BotaniGard ES

A unique biological insecticide containing the highly successful Beauveria bassiana strain GHA, a naturally occurring soil fungus that attacks and kills hard-to-control turf pests including surface feeders, weevils, chinch bugs, and mole crickets. Because of BotaniGard’s superior formulation, higher spore concentration, high viability and proven performance, it outperforms other Beauveria-containing products. When properly applied, BotaniGard’s insect control can equal or exceed that of chemical insecticides. BotaniGard is compatible for tank-mixes with many pesticides and an excellent tool for resistance management.

Available in the following sizes
ES (Emulsifiable Suspension) – 1 qt. and 1 gal. containers
22WP (Wettable Powder) – 1 lb. containers

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Registered for use everywhere in the USA


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*BotaniGard® is a registered trademark of Laverlam Int’l Corp.