Verdanta® OFE (OFE Liquid)

Plant Nutrition
Water Soluble Liquid • Foliar Iron Fertilizer with Seaweed Extract

Verdanta PL-2

OFE is a chelated iron foliar spray (3-0-0 +3% iron) derived from both organic and mineral sources and it contains urea to help move iron into plant leaf tissue contributing to greening up leaves. OFE contains 3% seaweed extract which is an excellent foliar feed producing better greening and growth of all plants.

OFE is a true foliar feed that supplies chelated iron from both DTPA and Iron Citrate and leaves no residue. Rapid and better iron absorption occurs, resulting in better greening, when applied to the leaves. OFE contains urea for better uptake of the iron and it is easily applied so there is lower risk of leaf injury.

MINIGRANVerdanta OFE corrects foliar chlorosis caused by soil pH or heat-induced issues and it is best used as an iron deficiency preventative.

Size: 1 gal, 2.5 gal containers, 30 gal drum

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Registered for use in the USA except in ND, NV, SD


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