Verdanta® GM-2 (MINIGRAN®)

Plant Nutrition
Homogeneous • Granular • Compound Organic Based Fertilizer

Verdanta GM-2

GM-2 is a general purpose mixture (7-6-12 + 2.3% magnesium) of organic and mineral nutrient sources and is an excellent feed for many crops in field soil or potting mixes including herbs, vegetables, annuals, and perennials. GM-2 feeds for up to 100 days at soil temperature of 60o F.

GM-2 contains a diversity of organic and mineral fertilizer sources to provide early plant response in cool temperatures and continued nutrient release. The variety of organic, non-composted nutrient sources attracts a broader array of microorganisms. This microbial activity and the resulting nutrient release increases the “biology” of your soil or potting mix.

GM-2 is a slow release fertilizer that doesn’t have the added risks of a temperature-dependent coating when temperatures spike.


Verdanta GM-2 is not a blend of separate particles of each nutrient source. The ingredients it contains are carefully formulated into homogeneous (uniform in composition) MINIGRAN® granules for better nutrient distribution and availability. What this means is every granule contains the same amount of N, P, K and Mg.

Size: 40 lb bags packed 60 bags/ pallet (2400 lb/pallet)

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Registered for use in the USA except in ND, NV, SD


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