ON-Gard (5-0-0) - Canada

Plant Nutrition
Nutrient Complement
OMRI Listed

  • 100% plant-derived fertilizer, water soluble, consistent in composition
  • Can be applied as a spray, root drench or dip
  • Improves plant development and helps sustain growth
  • Improves quality of fruits and vegetables by improving yield and reducing nitrates
  • Improves ornamentals with faster rooting, better foliage color and more vivid blooms
  • Supplies Nitrogen provided by amino acids
  • Helps plants withstand abiotic stresses (heat/cold, drought, pest, low light, salinity)
  • Foliar and root uptake is rapid
  • Augments the uptake of other nutrients

Available in the following sizes: 9.46 Liter, 18.93 Liter and 113.56 Liter