Insect Control
Botanical Insecticide / Nematicide

OMRI Listed

  • Use on ornamental greenhouse, shadehouse, interiorscape, nursery and outdoor food crops, shrubs, trees, ornamentals, and turfgrass
  • Protects against both foliar and soil-borne pests
  • Effective antifeedant insects will virtually stop feeding before they die
  • Leaves no residue on plant foliage and flowers
  • Compatible with most commonly used insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers
  • 4-hour REI; 0-day preharvest interval
  • No phytotoxicity issues on most plants
  • Generally safe on beneficial insects

Available in the following sizes

1 pint, 1 quart, and 1 gallon containers

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Registered for use in the USA except for: AK, DC